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Politics and Cross Cultural Studies

Five decades after its formation, Malaysia had gone through various stages of development. Undoubtedly, this half a century journey as a nation-state had witness many achievements as well as setbacks. This certainly invites us to take up comprehensive assessment, critical thought and propose new strategies on how the nation-state could move further into the future as one united and progressive state where all its peoples could reap the benefits of economic growth, enjoy political stability and live in social harmony.

In these aspects, there is a need to study what Malaysia has thus far achieved, and to assess what more she need to move further. The assessments would include understanding of and improvement in the political process such as political literacy, enhancement of good governance and values of collective and participative democracy, promotion of cross culture understanding as a mean to promoting better inter ethnic relations, more dialogues across ethnics, culture and religious divides toward promoting greater understanding between diverse elements within the nation-state.


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