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Consumer, Family, Child and Society Well-Being

Consumer, family, child and society well-being research program focuses on how individuals, family and society develop, manage and consume resources to enhance well-being and quality of life.
Researches in the program also explore the development and relationship between individual, families and society in the ever changing and challenging environments.

Therefore, it provides perspectives of the impact of consumption, public issues, development policies and programmes on consumer, family, and society's wellbeing and quality of life. The program provides leadership and advocacy in addressing critical issues pertaining to consumer, marriage and family, parenting, child adolescent development, family economics, financial well-being, gender studies, sustainable consumption, social planning, community empowerment, and other social issues in human life and society in promoting and strengthening quality of life.

The key research areas cover the following: sustainable lifestyles, protection and consumer safety, consumerism, poverty, personal/family finance, social planning, community empowerment, marriage and family, parenting and child-adolescent development

Keywords: Consumer and Family Well Being, Economic and Financial Well-being, Gender, Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable lifestyles, Consumer protection and safety, Social Planning, Community Empowerment, Family Development and Well-being, Child-adolescent and Advocacy.


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