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Discourse Studies, Language Acquisition and Use

Research in this programme focuses on theoretical dimensions and practical aspects of spoken, written, and signed language; multimodal/multimedia forms of communication; language acquisition; language use and evaluation in diverse contexts; and evolving ecolinguistic systems. It includes the study of linguistic and discursive structures and representations of world knowledge, language use in communicative landscapes and contexts, as well as critical and emerging literacies needed to function in the changing environments of the Information Age.

The programme takes an interdisciplinary approach, involving linguistics, applied linguistics, anthropology, psychology, education, media, culture, sociology, business and management, communication, computer science and information technology, or medical and clinical sciences. Research findings contribute to the development of knowledge and theories, and best practices in the fields of language and communication, specifically in the development of corpora, materials, instruments, guidelines, intervention initiatives and policies. The advancements will lead to benefits that nurture human capital and enhance quality of life.



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