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Culture and Epistemology in Language, Linguistics and Literature

This research programme will explore essential aspects in cultural and epistemological studies, such as the worldview and philosophies of a given community, as well as its traditions, history, local wisdom, norms and values, and notions of ethnicity, identity, nationality and cultural relations.

Aside from that, other aspects such as thought and cognition, communication and interaction, environment and sustainability, ecology and population are also investigated. These aspects are studied by way of the core disciplines of language, linguistics, and literature. In the disciplines of language and linguistics, cultural and epistemological studies revolve around theoretical aspects which are related to the worldview, history and value system inscribed into a particular language.

Additionally, issues concerning the relation of language to thought, society, and the environment, which includes the relation of language to cross-cultural relations, represent an integral context in the areas of translation and interpretation. Where literature is concerned, cultural and epistemological studies explore either theoretical aspects of, or the application of theories to literary texts and contexts, such as literary phenomena, conventions, politics, and commercialism.

The studies of these two aspects are inexorably linked to the philosophies, traditions, norms and cultural practices of a given nation and society. Of no less importance are literary genres themselves especially that of the narrative, which is a common form in many literary traditions; accordingly, the study of this genre will give rise to new theories of narratology. The findings garnered from this research programme will contribute to new knowledge in the fields of culture and epistemology.

Keywords: Culture, Epistemology, Language, Linguistics, Literature.



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