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Music and Cultural Sustainability

Malaysia is clearly a country of diversity, rich in culture and traditions. Because of this, the areas into which music in Malaysia can be researched on are equally plentiful. The scope of research is wide, from learning about the musical culture of indigenous community to how music can influence our daily lives, the possibilities of research are endless.

The aim of this research programme is to amalgamate our expertise to create a holistic approach towards music research. Present researches include audiovisual documentation of performances, music productions, music compositions, application of music in the realm of psychology and sports, music education in classrooms, and the adaptation of technology in music. It is the intention of this research group to establish linkages and collaborations with international and national music educators and researchers alike to further enhance research in this wide area of music.

Keywords: Ethnomusicology, Music Psychology, Performance Studies, Music Technology, Music Education, Music Therapy, Composition, AV Documentation and Archiving



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