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Games and Gamification for Social Engineering

In this era, Games and Gamification is a young unavoidable field of study that needs special and urgent attention for the social engineering of our society. The nature of this discipline demands a multi and trans discipline research culture. This program is an interlink platform where technologist, programmers, scientists and social scientists discuss, assimilate, design and innovate new or ready made products across content and development phases.

The research program encompasses scholarly studies on game design, game thinking and game mechanics especially its value in non-game context. The program depicts a “play with purpose” roles in the development of models and theories to make engagement as an educational advantage.

Studies include relating engaging experiences to knowledge, technology, cross cultural and cultural transfers in game development process and effects of use in gaming environment. The aim is to educate the public about games and gamification and bringing back useful services to the community. Areas of research and development on various platforms comprises of games to preserve cultural heritage; games for education and edutainment; games for specific healthcare services and medical therapy; games for corporate training and management using game theories; games for agriculture and green technology; and games for virtual construction, design and architectural environment.

The program includes development and applied research in virtual spaces like second life, avatar, virtual conferencing, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), immersive and mobile technologies locally and across the globe. The program will create market productive students and educational environments for wealth creation and nation building. Output will enable the creation of positive lifelong learning habits and healthier lifestyle culture for the society, our digitize youth and greying population.

Keywords: Games, Serious Games, Gamification



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