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Etiquette When Visiting


Ask for Permission Before Visiting

Before visiting, it is better to inform about the arrival and ask permission first. People say, "Make an early appointment with the host." Only then can we visit with pleasure and comfort. If not, the house will be packed with other guests once you come.

It is also one way for the host to prepare early for guests' arrival. May they make the necessary preparations. This is not the case; it has come suddenly when the host serves only drinks and snacks; you know we "complain," right?

This matter also needs to be taken seriously to realise the friendship that is wanted to be established. Don't because of this, the host feels discouraged because he has to go to the trouble of preparing food for guests who come unexpectedly. Imagine if the person we are visiting is an old aunt who only has one daughter. Those who come are cousins ​​who live far away from the village and come in large numbers with the excuse of enjoying the convoy. Imagine the feeling of the daughter alone, having to prepare food in a hurry. Of course, there will be anger and resentment towards his guest. Is that what we want?

Good intentions
Anything you want to do must start with good intentions. The same is true if you want to visit someone's house. Ensure your intentions are sincere, and avoid asking negative things or talking bad about her home.

Never ask questions to boast or to diminish the dignity of others. For example, if we visit a friend from primary school whom we last saw long ago, we should never look down on his work, even if he works in the village. We should never feel the need to show our luxury or happiness to the people we visit. Frightened, the host is uncomfortable and discouraged.

Visit at the Right Time
Next, if you want to visit, you must also see at the right time. We can't just play with each other! When is the wrong time? Among the inappropriate times is late at night (10-12 pm). This is when the host has started to rest and sleep. Although the person we visit may be our best friend, when we see his house, of course, the one who prepares the food and drink is his family member, or even if he is married, then it is his wife who will go to great lengths to serve the guest.

If the relative's house we want to visit has a family member who is sick or unwell, make sure to ask before coming. Sometimes, the time we come is their rest time after caring for those sick.

Greeting Before Entering the House
The limit is three times to greet. Avoid entering without permission and shake hands with the host when allowed. But what do you want to do if you have been greeted more than three times and have not heard anyone respond? If so, they may be away from home or not ready to receive guests. So it would be better if we went home first and came back another time.

Watch the Behavior, Especially of Small Children
Parents with small children cannot be complacent. On the other hand, always watch them so they don't touch and play with the host's items or furniture. In addition, some children like to run around a lot. Yes, parents should advise their children to be careful. Wait to finish one house they circumambulate later! It's only fun if the host is comfortable with our arrival.

Respecting the Host's Privacy
A few of our people can't run away from guarding the edge of people's clothes. But if you visit someone's house, never eavesdrop on the host's conversation with his family. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. Who do we want to listen to? Isn't that sweet, especially when it involves their family affairs? So, we should refrain from lingering when visiting because the host may feel uncomfortable, and other matters must be handled. So, guests need to be sensitive to the host's privacy.

Give Thanks and Thank You
Before going home, say thank you and pray to the host for their willingness to receive guests. It's not hard, right? If we say words of appreciation, even with "thank you", the host can feel more appreciated and happy with our arrival. In the future, they will be more welcoming to us again.

In conclusion, guests must maintain good manners when visiting people's homes. Do not let our attitude and behaviour as guests who do not respect the host turn the original goal of pilgrimage into hostility.

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