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Faculty of Human Ecology Overall Champion of HKIP 2017

Serdang, Nov 10 - Faculty of Human Ecology has been named as the Overall Winner in the UPM 2017 (HKIP2017) Service Quality and Innovation Day Celebration Program held on November 10, 2017 at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Cultural Center, UPM.

The 5th celebration was held with the hope of raising the awareness of UPM staff on the importance of innovation and creativity in the implementation of work; nurturing and reinforcing the cultural values ​​of innovation and creativity at UPM, realizing the process of adoption, approach and culture based on innovative and creative in-service features; and contribute to improving the quality of service delivery to customers.

The list of winners is as follows: -

-Creating Themes Prize-
Best Theme: Mrs. DK Masni PG Kifli - University Health Center
2nd place: Mrs. Mazlina Md. Ali Radzuan - Faculty of Human Ecology
3rd place: Mr. Najimuddin Zakaria - Faculty of Human Ecology

-Ideas Innovation Prize-
Best Idea: Mr. Farizal Muzammil Abdul Wahab - Faculty of Engineering
Best Idea: Mr. Johan Budiman Nurthani - Faculty of Engineering
Best Idea: Mr. Hanafiah Ismail - Sultan Abdul Samad Library
Best Idea: Mr. Mohd Sopian Mohd Zin - Faculty of Forestry
Best Idea: Mrs. Siti Nur Alifah Abdul Rahman - School of Graduate Studies

- Environmental Quality Workplace Award-
Best of Faculty Category: Faculty of Human Ecology
Best of Institute Category: Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security
Best of Entry Services Category: Sultan Abdul Samad Library

-LEAN Management Award-
Prize of Appreciation: Security Division
Third: Internal Audit Division
Second: University Agriculture Park
First: University Health Center

- Innovative and Creative Group Award (KIK) -
Prize of Appreciation: FORR FLORA Group, Faculty of Forestry
Third: Axon Force Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Second: iDETech Group, Information and Communications Development Center
First: Langit Putra Group, Putra Science Park and TNCPI Office

- Service Innovation Award (Management Category) -
Third: REFTApp's Pawns Group, iDEC
Second: Putra Group-INODAF, TNCAA
First: The Core Group, Internal Audit Division

-Service Innovation Award (Technical Category) -
Third: Putranovasi Group, Putra Science Park, TNCPI Office
Second: ECOFUTE' Group, Faculty of Human Ecology
First: LDG 10 UPM Group, Faculty of Agriculture

- Website Management Awards-
Third: School of Graduate Studies
Second: Sultan Abdul Samad Library
First: Alumni Center

-The Occupational Safety and Health Management Award-
Best of PTJ Category A: School of Graduate Studies
Best of PTJ Category B: Bioscience Institute
Best of PTJ Category C: College of the Fourteenth

-Account Index of Accountability-
Best of PTJ Category 1: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Best of PTJ Category 2: Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah College
Best of PTJ Category 3: Second College

- Star Rating Award for Administrative Management-
Fourth: College of the Fourteenth
Third: Faculty of Engineering
Second: Student Affairs Division
First: Faculty of Human Ecology

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