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The Faculty of Human Ecology offers 13 program fields for Master of Science and Ph.D. These programs are as follows:

1.   Community Development

Community Development focuses on various theories, approaches and practices in the field of community development.

2.   Consumer Science

Consumer Science integrates various disciplines with emphasis on the formulation and application of theories in understanding consumer behavior by taking into account lifestyles, changing environment and the local culture.

3.   Family Ecology

This field focuses on the relationship of individuals and families with their bio-psycho-socio-physical and cultural environments. The program uses developmental, interaction and ecological orientation to provide a holistic and multi-disciplinary understanding of family issues and challenges.

4.   Family Economics and Management

Family Economics and Management focuses on studies related to poverty and well-being, family businesses and microenterprises, personal and family finances, gender, resource management and sustainability.

5.   Gender and Development

Gender and Development focuses on gender and its relations to class, ethnicity and sexual orientations with emphasis on diversified pattern of social and cultural changes.

6.   Housing

Housing studies emphasizes housing as the basic needs in quality human capital development with a focus on the role of housing planning and housing design effect on the behaviour and interaction amongst occupants and their environment.

7.  Human Development

This field of study focuses on an in-depth understanding of human development. The programme encompasses application of theories, research methods and analyses of main aspects of human development that contribute towards improving quality of life. The framework of reference used is the human ecosystem that represents the interaction and transaction within and between elements in various contexts of the environment. 

8.   Music

Music focuses on the application of theories and research in the various fields of music through creative approaches and research in cross and inter disciplinary.

9.   Philosophy and Civilization Studies

Philosophy and Civilisation Studies focuses on analytical skills in the application of theories and models in Philosophy and Civilisation Studies.

10.  Politics and Government

Politics and Government focuses on the analytical skills in the application of theories and models in politics and government, especially in the fields of elections, political behavior and culture, ethnic relations and relations between nations.

11.  Psychology of Child Development

This field emphasizes application of theories on child and adolescent development. Research in psychology of child development focuses on psychomotor, cognitive, behavioral and socio-emotional development from prenatal stage to adolescence. Influences of nature versus nurture on child and adolescent development are also examined.

12. Social Psychology

This field of study focuses on analytical skills in the application of theories and model in Social Psychology. 

13.  Developmental Psychology

This field focuses on changes and development across human lifespan. Developmental psychology covers affective, cognitive and behavioral dimensions. Interaction between individual and environment across various stages of human life will also be emphasized.

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