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History of the department

The Department of Government and Civilisation Studies focuses on the field of politics and government as well as philosophy and civilisation. The main responsibility of this department is to conduct three university core courses, namely, Malaysian Nationhood, Islamic and Asian Civilisation (TITAS) and Ethnic Relations. The department also functions as a centre for monitoring the teaching and evaluation of the three courses taught at all private Intitutions of higher learning that conduct Universiti Putra Malaysia collaboration programmes. At post graduate level, JPKK offers masters and Ph.D in Politics and Government and Philosophy and Civilisation Studies The goals of the department are to: 

  • Produce graduates who are highly motivated, with a strong sense of belonging to the country.
  • Produce outstanding post-graduates in the field of politics and government, as well as philosophy and civilisation studies.
  • Provide consultancy services (based on the field of expertise of the department) to various agencies.




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