jayum7Jayum Anak Jawan


+PhD. (Southeast Asian Studies), Hull, 1991.

+M.A. (International Relations ), Appalachian State Univ. NC, USA, 1982.

+B.A. (Political Economy), Univ of North Carolina at Asheville, NC, US, 1980.

+Primary/Secondary: SRK Sungai Assan, Methodist Primary & Secondary, Sibu and St Thomas, Kuching.



#Universiti Putra Malaysia:

+Profesor of Politics & Government, since 2001.

+Associate Professor of Politics & Government, 1994-2010.

+Lecturer of Politics & Government, 1982-1994.

#Outside of UPM:

+Deputy Head, Politics, Security and Interantioal Affairs Cluster, National Council of Professors, Malaysia, since 2010.

+Immediate past member of the revamped National Science and ResearchCouncil, Malaysia, 2011-2013.


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#SKP 2101: Kenaragaan Malaysia (Politics & Government of Malaysia)

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+Doctor of Philosophy candidates: SPS6999

+Master of Science candidates: SPS5999

Updated: 30 October 2013